List Building Excellence Review

Knowledge is wealth! To expect phenomenal financial rewards there is no expecting, it is all 100% doing! For anyone interested in building a profitable mailing list. I can help you save time and a pile of cash right now. I was introduced to a new book revealing the secrets and the methods used, that generated this guy millions of dollars in passive, positive, and residual cash flow, all through generating leads and building massive email lists. I really enjoyed the information packed into this new book titled “List Building Excellence”, written by Joel Therien.

It’s not just a book, it’s a complete system built within the book and created for you to achieve greatness within the email marketing arena, and boy does it work! First off there is a reason why Joel launched his book into a digital format. It’s stellar marketing as it hits the masses in a Global reach and can be instantly put in the hands of the reader. Each clarified chapter is followed with a video for a more in-depth look and social proof on the in’s and out’s of list building. He shows you everything which backs up his book. It is highly captivating giving the reader a slightly added viewable element that takes the fear and misunderstanding out of the equation on where to begin in developing a profitable mailing list of raving fans and buyers.

His book “List Building Excellence” is a must-have for anyone looking to make an income online. Like myself, I have over-complicated this concept of building, managing and profiting from an email list. For me, list building seemed to carry too many components in order to achieve any sort of results. This just pushed me away in fear and confusion! Joel, really has simplified list building from start-up, novice to advanced on how to create, generate and achieve great financial gains within the online business and email marketing niche. Joel’s book does provide immense value and creates great engagement for the reader. You will enjoy these concepts, principles needed and practiced for a highly profitable list of subscribers.

The way his book breaks it all down makes it so much more enjoyable and understanding which instantly builds confidence in knowing that it’s not complicated at all and that if you follow his methods, massive success will follow. There is no doubt that Joel Therien the author of this book is a monster when it comes to email marketing and displays the exact methods he uses to build massive mailing lists that have converted into hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. Now he graciously shares his secrets with others.

Joel has simplified list building through his digital book which also includes a full members area so when you are ready for action, you are ready to start list building! His book has changed my way of thinking and has helped me achieve excitement and profits within my continuously growing list of subscribers. You are absolutely going to love the results that you carry away from this book.

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Vj Shah

Method That is Helping Normal People Make Extra Money From Home

Starting a brick-and-mortar business is frankly out of reach for most people.

Not to mention the risk involved.

Example: You want to start a restaurant.

You’re $50K out of pocket before making your first sale, if you ever make it that far.

And once you do, making a profit, the overheads, the expenses, recouping your original investment.

2 years go by, and you don’t have a business. You ARE the business.

12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to keep the place going.

This isn’t what you signed up for!

You start a business to have freedom, to have money.

How is it possible to achieve these things without the risk.


You don’t need your own products.

You don’t need an inventory.

You don’t need to outlay massive capital.

You don’t need to have employees.

This is THE business model that helps normal people make extra money from home.

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It is inevitable that you can’t have a job forever. In today’s work, you need an extra income stream.

THIS is what you are looking for.


Vj Shah

What is GrooveKart and why does it Matter

If you do e-Commerce you need to stop what you’re doing an pay close attention.

(Oh.. and even if you don’t and have never even thought of doing e-Commerce you are going to want check this out too.)

The game just changed.

Mike Filsaime has done it again. Maybe better than ever if you ask me.

(You may know that Mike Filsaime was the founder of WebinarJam and many other great Software Platforms.)

You see mike and his new partner John Cornetta have just released GrooveKart.

So what is GrooveKart?


Groovekart has more outrageously powerful standard features than the leading platforms at one insanely low price.

You see after two plus years in development it’s now ready.

GrooveKart is “THE” most powerful, most affordable, and the easiest to use e-Commerce platform ever created.

I think everyone is going to make this switch… I really do.

Speaking of which they have a 1-click IMPORT your SHOPIFY store built in and it’s free.

Well first of all GrooveKart does everything you expect an e-Commerce platform to do. 

You can sell your products with variants like size and colors, you can have categories, powerful reporting, analytics intelligence, customer look up, powerful shipping features, powerful Free Native apps, a built in support desk, customize your look and feel, yada yada…

But check this out, BUILT-IN you get the high converting checkout template, urgency timers, scarcity , social proof, reviews, funnels, upsells, downsells, bumps, retargeting, analytics, and so much more.

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Vj Shah

You Need This!…



Best Business Opportunity For FREE?

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Automated Income Opportunity is Waiting for You!

Look around you and you will notice that how technology has changed your life with time. Television once very bulky now are smaller lighter and thinne. Now you even see Television, Videos on cell phones. Every communication tool you can imagine is now possible in your hand.

Our lives has changed with breakthroughs in technology. People are communicating now more with these new tools with others, Businesses are marketing and staying in touch with their customers and other businesses.

It It all started with a great human brain which created and started with print, then radio, television, phone, fax, cell phones and all with great speed and accuracy. New technology in Artificial Intelegiance (AI) will change our lives dramatically in near future.

The future is bright for businesses that utilizes internet as a primary medium of communication for marketing and sales.

The number of internet uses and amount of business done online around the world is growing at a staggering rate. The world is becoming smaller with global trade growing rapidly as world population also grows with time.

Over One Billion internet uses in the word and growing rapidly, People are now doing research, study, chat, email, podcast and shopping online.

All businesses that have Web presence are seeing the advantage of selling online. Why question the amazing rate at which average business is moving onto the internet.

Having business Online is the opportunity of our time.

Are You ready to start your own business and take advantage of technology and have income with Automated Sales & Success system?

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Free Access to GrooveSell- powerful shopping cart and affiliate software

Free Access to GrooveSell- powerful shopping cart and affiliate software

  • Free for LIFE

  • No Games. No Fine Print.

  • No Credit Needed Ever!

  • Was $99/mo, Now it’s Free.

  • Grab Your Account While You Can

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I hope you and your family are safe and healthy right now, and keeping your sanity intact with all that’s going on in the world. 

With stay at home orders being extended yet again, so many people are unemployed or underemployed right now. Companies who thought they could weather a month or so of closure are realizing it might be much longer, and even if cities do “open back up”… so many people prefer to remain sheltered at home- there may not be customers to make opening up worth while.

And while I hope you’re doing well physically, mentally and financially… I personally know so many people who are not.  

Except… my friends with online businesses. It’s funny. My online business friends are all trucking along, business as usual. And while things may have slowed down for a week or two when the world went on lockdown… that slow down not only reversed, but turned into a boom for online business!

Those who took the time to build an online business took control of their financial future and can continue to provide for their families and loved ones.

Which is why I’m so excited about GrooveSell.

Mike Filsaime and the team at Groove wanted to do something more than just extend a free trial or release some marketing training. They wanted to make a true, meaningful difference in people’s lives.

So they made the basic tools needed to start running an online business absolutely free… not just while we’re on lockdown… not even for a year… but FOREVER!

They carved off a MAJOR portion of their full product suite (GrooveFunnels) called GrooveSell. And it’s a seriously powerful piece of software.

And I’m not talking some dumbed-down feature-locked version of the software. They are releasing the whole shebang… every feature, every UPDATE… and you’ll never have to pay them a dime.

GrooveSell is a shopping cart. It allows you to list and sell products online. Digital or physical products or services. It works in ANY business niche.

It also comes with GrooveAffiliate. The most feature-rich affiliate management software that I’ve ever encountered. You really have got to see it!

This freebie isn’t some worthless piece of software…chances are you’re paying $99 or $199 a month right now for something that’s far less powerful.

But for a limited time, you can get both GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate absolutely free!


What’s the catch? 

There is none. 


No Catch.

So go here to get GrooveSell FREE for life. 

  • No Upsell (in fact.. it’s crazy what happens after you grab your free account… I won’t spoil the surprise)

  • No Credit Card Required EVER

  • No Games

  • No Lite Version

In fact, I got my free account two weeks ago and I haven’t been sent a single email asking me to buy anything. These guys (and gals) at Groove are the real deal!

So grab your free account, and start building your own online business and take control of your family’s finances.

And above all… Stay Safe!

Vj Shah

No website? No product? No Problem

Do you currently have an account with an affiliate network like JVZoo or Clickbank?

If you answer yes, here’s the 2nd question…

Are you currently promoting products as an affiliate?

If you answered yes to that one, I’ve got just one more question for you…

Would you like to turbo-charge (and fully automate) your affiliate marketing efforts, in just 12 Minutes

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Cool New software gets highly targeted Traffic

Here is a Brand new system that you can copy this EXACT system

and automate it with a PROVEN software that actually works.

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Here is The all Info

  • Makes affiliate marketing SUPER-EASY
  • It includes a “secret weapon” software, training, AND done-for-you bonuses so you can copy their $6k in 72 hours method
  • It’s mobile friendly so it works on all devices…you can drive traffic from anywhere
  • There’s no limit on how much money you can make…you control your destiny!
  • It’s mobile friendly so it works on all devices…you can drive traffic from anywhere
  • Unlike other systems and softwares, this is a ONE-TIME payment…so never worry about monthly fees

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Vj Shah